We are two mothers who lost our sons in separate motorcycle accidents, and founded Forever Friends Motorcycle Awareness.  Together we have formed an organization which is dedicated to making a difference in motorcycle awareness by educating new drivers & non-riders motorcycle safety precautions, and to help Fallen and Injured, as well as their families.

The back-story on why Forever Friends Motorcycle Awareness was created can be found on our Home Page.

We hold an annual event wherein participants can ride or be a spectator of the event. The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be to:

  • Educate the general public on motorcycle awareness in all road conditions
  • Disseminate educational programs, literature, and materials regarding motorcycle awareness

We are a group who is making a difference throughout our community, as well as the State. Our story is known in all circles of the motorcycle world.  We hold an annual event in order to raise funds, which are donated to our community EMS & Fire Department.  We feel that helping our local community is a way to support their education to help those in need.  We thank them as they continue to train and continually care for our families in times of accidents.   Our most recent and exciting accomplishment is helping Fallen Riders and Injured Riders’ families.  We also award scholarships to high school students.  Scholarships are another way to spread our story and educate students on Motorcycle Awareness.  Just as MADD has shown the how effective education on drunk driving can be, our goal is to bring nationwide awareness to students & educate them on proper conduct around motorcycles.

Please visit our Donation Page to further help our cause.


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